I have taught writing and run writing workshops at a number of places including the following:

  • 3 Sessions with Scriptworks, Cast Doncaster - Teaching includes sessions on Finding Story, Character and Writing Dialogue.
  • 6 Week Course with Windmill Primary in Belle Isle - Creating a story with pupils at Windmill Primary in Belle Isle.
  • 12 Week writing course at Hawksworth Older People Support  to create a piece about showing the world what older people are capable of. In collaboration with musician Claire-Marie Seddon.
  • 3 Sessions with Young at Arts - Working with the Memory Cafe to write a song and a series of stories about our memories. In collaboration with musician Claire-Marie Seddon.
  • 10 week course working with young people at Chapel FM on a project called Lost Souls. Listen here>>
  • Bus Journeys - The start of a 5 year project with the Performance Ensemble looking at the stories that occur on bus journeys and what those journeys say about the changing nature of Leeds.


After meeting Leeds Rhinos' Stevie Ward, co-founder of Mantality Magazine along with Dominic Smith, at a performance of The Life and Soul, I became involved with Mantality assisting with social media, retreats and podcasts. Mantality is a movement encouraging the e males to live a more comprehensive version of themselves and was set up in response to the epidemic of male suicide and depression.



#005 The Power of Belief: Grand Final 2017 Reflections - Chris O'Connor

#006 Silence & The Self with Chris O'Connor 

#008 Mantality Check In (with Adam Cuthbertson & Paul Fox) 

#011 The People vs Tech (with Jamie Bartlett)

#012 View From The Frontline (with Joe Faulkner, NHS Nurse)

#013 IBF World Champion Josh Warrington

#014 Muay Thai & Mindset with 8 time World Champion Liam Harrison

#015 Friendship, Banter & Masculinity with Ben Tagoe & Paul Fox

#016 Authenticity & Altruism (with Antony Cotton & Keegan Hirst)


Along with two friends I set up a street food venture called the Bap Street Boys who debuted at Hyde Park Unity Day, a community day which attracts around 7,000 people. We served the below baps: 


  • Piri Piri chicken with a nectarine, lime and chilli salsa and balsamic pickled cabbage.
  • Mexican rubbed pulled pork with a smoked cheddar and apple slaw and habanero sauce.
  • Lemon and thyme roasted veg with a sweet potato hummus and balsamic pickled cabbage (v)

I have since been involved in catering for a number of events, most recently including Cardigan Triangle Art Day as well as a Save Red Ladder Thank You event. I am always happy to hear from people regarding cooking and catering so if interested just give me a shout. As of 2018 my menu is all plant based but I can veganify any of your favourite dishes...


I work on a freelance basis for a number of organisations helping to manage and update their social media feeds as well as creating targeted campaigns for shows, promoting associated artists and growing their respective followings. After Red Ladder had its funding cut I became involved with running the Save Red Ladder Campaign which to date has raised just shy of £30,000. I have also managed individual feeds and been responsible for over 800,000 followers across a very diverse range of twitter feeds including some of the below feeds:


  • @RedLadderTheatr
  • @Freedom_Studios
  • @FootballJester
  • @FootballCentral
  • @PuntersCave
  • @desmond_twotwo - a general humour feed I created and now co-manage.

I have received a lot of specific training across a number of social media tools, such as Sprout Social, Buffer and Hootsuite, and have invaluable experience from actually implementing a lot of learning on the job and testing out what works. I have a proven record of:


  • Creating targeted and effective social media campaigns.
  • Growing a social media following.
  • Converting followers to customers.


If you are interested in getting in touch about the managing of a feed or want any advice on social media then please get in touch here.